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Dear patients

Because we still want to be there for you in the future, we are protesting against the current health policy by closing our practice. The proven outpatient medical care provided by general practitioners and specialists in private practice is under massive threat !

Not a job like any other !

The political climate towards us is no longer acceptable. We will no longer be there for you if not even the rising practice costs are covered. We are already working at the breaking point. We are not businesses that can simply raise prices when inflation, energy or staff costs rise. We can no longer find new blood because no one wants to carry the work and financial burden.

While your health insurance company is demanding zero payments for us doctors for the next two years, it is demanding an additional contribution for itself - paid by your health insurance contributions. paid by your health insurance contributions. This is paid for the health insurance funds themselves, the pharmacies, medical care centres, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Preserving GP and specialist practices - we protest:

  • Because we want GP and specialist practices to be there for you in the future too
  • So that you can continue to choose freely which practice you go to for treatment
  • That our medical assistants, doctor's assistants and receptionists can have an open ear for your concerns
  • Because good outpatient medical care is important and you do not have to be treated in anonymous "polyclinics" or in privately run care centres where not doctors but businessmen call the shots
  • The fact that doctors decide on the best possible medical treatment and that economic considerations play a subordinate role in this process

We hope for your understanding

Your practice team